Why Town Car Service is Better Than a Taxi

Why Town Car Service is Better Than a Taxi

The next time you are looking for a lift, instead of calling a cab or rideshare service, think about a town car service. Going out on the town, to a game or even just some time to get away you have much better options.

Classy Ride

There is a big difference between arriving in a taxi that just dumps you off. A chauffeured town car brings it to a new level. If you are just looking for a ride home from the bar that is one thing. When you have a special event you should arrive in style in a classy ride. Peraltas Elite Limousine has the perfect vehicle for you.


When you want comfort, you don’t just want to hop in any car to get to where you are going. More than likely you would like to be picked up by a reputable company. Traditional cabs usually have a lot of wear and tear. Having a ride in something that is freshly cleaned and well taken care of is the best way to go.


Sitting around and waiting for someone to pick you up is stressful. Knowing that your chauffeur will arrive at the said time makes everything easier. Professional drivers will always be on time and make sure you are on time. The keyword here is professionalism at its best.

Professional Drivers

All limo and car service drivers should have the proper licensing. Peralta’s Elite Limousine Service goes one step further. All of our drivers go through an extensive defensive driving certification program. You should choose a company that has certified drivers.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of a wide variety of vehicles to choose from no matter how intimate or large a group of people are joining. Even selecting the right ride for your excursion can be left up to us. All of our vehicles a well-maintained and go through a rigorous service schedule.

Fixed Costs

Hiring a professional town car service means there will not be any hidden costs when it comes to getting you to where you need to be. No riding around town pretending to take you on a sightseeing tour. Everything is upfront and direct. Price fluctuation alone will steer you away from just jumping in a car and going in circles.

With over a decade in providing luxury transport services, you will be assured of the finest transport to your destination. We can show you the difference between Peralta’s Elite Limousine has all that you would excerpt from a great service. Call or contact us for any questions you may have and we can go over everything with you personally.

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